Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vote for the Vandy running backs you think will get significant playing time this season

Because James Franklin doesn't have a depth chart yet, we're relying on you, the MV! audience, to build our own Vandy football depth chart and to predict who'll see significant playing time this season.

Just go over to the poll in the upper right-hand corner of this page and cast your vote for as many running backs as you think will see significant playing time this season.

We just closed out the quarterback voting. Sixty people cast a ballot, and Larry Smith appeared on 78 percent of them, but exactly half of the voters also thought that Jordan Rodgers would see significant playing time too.

As for the three true freshmen, a quarter of the ballots listed Lafonte Thourogood, while Josh Grady (16 percent) and Kris Kentera (10 percent) also saw some action.


Anonymous said...

if micah powell is getting touches, this year might be worse than the last.


right you are

Anonymous said...

This is a critical year for the offensive line if we are going to win. LS is going to need a better than average running game if we have any shot at winning 4-6 games. If the starting rb's get injured early in the season, it will be a long season because of lack of depth. It's rare that freshmen rb's at vandy (or any SEC school) are ready for major minutes regardless of what they did in high school. Go Dores !

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