Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey, be sure to vote in our new poll

We've got a new poll over to the right of this posting, and we'd like you to vote, as they say in Alabama, early and often. We're going to swap it out every few days until we've covered every position and can amass a Moral Victory! user-generated depth chart. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I think the key to the season will be the 1st 2 games. We nust beat Elon, and also look fundamentally sound, to build some confidence among players and fans. Then we must beat Ucon; like Vandy, they have a new staff and thier best player last season (RB-Todman) is now in the NFL, and were at home ! The 1st two games should also give Franklin and staff an opportunity to see who are the real potential playmakers. If we can't get our wr's and rb's some strong carries and catches in the first 2 games, then the SEC schedule will be brutal. I for one feel that LS being pushed hard by Rogers during camp will result in LS having a solid season; and we appear to have at least 3 starting playmakers at wr now who did not play much together last season. Obviously Vandy can ill afford any injuries to any starter. Our defense appeared to show great promise at times last season and with the emphasis on conditioniing this summer and the new staff, I expect the defense to be solid. Winning the 1st 2 will also help hold early recruits and give confidence to our young guys who are being groomed by CJF. Go Dores !


Thanks for breaking it down for us.