Saturday, July 2, 2011

Here we go: Vandy picks up two wide receivers in a day

After yesterday’s recruiting trifecta, the Commodores got another verbal commitment, from wide receiver Jaydrick Declouet of Louisiana.

Two receivers in a day. That’s big for the Dores, who badly need receivers. It’s our biggest weakness as far as depth goes.

Oh, and I bet Brian Kimbrow can play a little wide receiver too.

Sure we need offensive linemen, but we’ve got a bunch of large- framed kids in Nashville right now eating six meals a day and lifting weights and pushing trucks and whatever Dwight Galt has them doing.

And we need outside linebackers, but we’ve got a bunch of good-looking freshmen and sophomore safeties (Franklin, McIntosh, Williamson, Butler, Simmons) who could eventually move up to outside backer, not to mention three four-star recruits (Herring, Sealand, Weatherly) slated to arrive next year.

No, receiver was our biggest need. We’ve got Krause and Matthews returning, and Boyd looks like he’s developing, but after that what do we have?

Now we’ve got Declouet and Cory Batey, who commited yesterday.

Declouet is 5-10, 175 and runs a 4.4 40. ESPN ranks him as the 52nd best wide receiver in the nation and says he’s one of the best route runners coming out of high school, is both fast and quick, and can play outside or slot.

He doesn’t have any other SEC offers as far as we can tell, but he’s still probably our best receiver recruit at least on paper since Earl Bennett. (Jonathan Krause could fall into the same category; Jordan Matthews flew under the radar.)


Anonymous said...

6 meals a day is not true from July to August there is no school. Therefore no grant in aid.There is guy's sleeping in basements and 5 to a 2 bedroom apartment. The NCAA will not allow Vandy to feed or house them unless they are in school. But CJF wants them there. Dimon..... just in case we don't have any hot recruiting news.I thought you would like to comment on our guy's and the 6 meals a day.

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes said...

Yeah, that stinks. I remember when Cutler let the team stay in his off-campus apartment during summers. But these linemen will be able to strap on the feedbag when school starts and Magic starts cooking.