Monday, December 6, 2010

Stanford's Greg Roman at the top of Vanderbilt's list

Jeff Lockridge at the Tennessean says Stanford assistant Greg Roman had a good interview with Vanderbilt on Friday. He also lists nine more names he thinks might be on David Williams' list of 10 men to interview: Gus Malzahn, Troy Calhoun, Al Golden, Todd Graham, Bud Foster, Tommy Bowden and a trio of coordinators — Paul Chryst and Dave Doeren of Wisconsin and Don Treadwell of Michigan State.

Meanwhile, FootballScoop says Vanderbilt plans to interview a couple of offensive coordinators, Shawn Watson of Nebraska and James Franklin of Maryland.

Don't get your hopes up over Malzahn, Calhoun or Golden. Graham has a longterm contract with Tulsa that Vandy would have to deal with, and Foster has said he doesn't want to take a job where it's a longshot to win. Hmmm. But Roman sees plenty of similarities between Vanderbilt and Stanford, which right now is the No. 4 team in the nation.

Let's shake out some of the names we've mentioned in recent days:
• Greg Roman, assistant head coach, Stanford
• Todd Graham, head coach, Tulsa

• Bud Foster, defensive coordinator, Virginia Tech
• Tommy Bowden, former head coach, Clemson

• Gus Malzahn, offensive coordinator, Auburn
• Troy Calhoun, head coach, Air Force
• Al Golden, head coach, Temple

• James Franklin, offensive coordinator, Maryland
• Shawn Watson, offensive coordinator, Nebraska
• Paul Chryst, offensive coordinator, Wisconsin
• Don Treadwell, offensive coordinator, Michigan State
• Dave Doeren, defensive coordinator, Wisconsin

• Mike Haywood, head coach, Miami-Ohio
• Rick Stockstill, head coach, MTSU
• David Lee, quarterbacks coach, Miami Dolphins
• Dana Holgorsen, offensive coordinator, Oklahoma State
• Mark Hudspeth, offensive coordinator, Miss State
• Mark Whipple, offensive coordinator, Miami
• Paul Petrino, offensive coordinator, Illinois

• Ivin Jasper, offensive coordinator, Navy
• Skip Holtz, head coach, South Florida
• Ken Niumatalolo, head coach, Navy
• Kevin Sumlin, head coach, Houston
• June Jones, head coach, SMU
• Brady Hoke, head coach, San Diego State
• Randy Shannon, former head coach, Miami
• Mike Leach, former head coach, Texas Tech
• Mark Mangino, former head coach, Kansas:
• Phil Fulmer, former head coach, Tennessee:

• Jerry Kill, head coach, Northern Illinois


Anonymous said...

My only problem with Roman is he looks a little like a coaching slut. He has was at 4 different organizations in 5 years (Texas, Baltimore, North Carolina, took a year off, then Stanford). If he comes here I dont want to see him jet off after a 5-7 season. If he settles here in Nashville, which is a great city, hopefully he will be here for the long haul.

Anonymous said...

I would have no problem with Roman, coming from Stanford, if he were ultimately selected as the coach. I doubt that he would leave after 1 season, as anonymous suggest might happen. Even if Vandy did very well, he would need to show about 3 seasons before his stock really takes off. I am more concerned with the ability of a new coach to bring and attract high quality assistant coaches. The players deserve a staff that will create a winning environment and getting the offense and defense back to sec respectability. While the list of candidates appear to be long, I hope that Bowden at least gets an interview.

Anonymous said...

Im not saying I think he would leave after one season, I just want him to stay for a while. Which he very well could if given the job. This is only his secong season as an asst. at Stanford too so he hasnt been in the college coaching world for to long. He hasnt event been a head coach. I just thought we were looking for a stout coordinator or head coach. If it ends up being Roman I'll be fine with it. Williams seems to be doing a good job with this coaching search, it looks like its going better than I thought it would. Anyway, hopefully we will name a guy soon.

Anonymous said...

What about Josh McDaniels??? I watched on game that Herman Edwards called. Would Herm be interested?

'Bilt said...

I will support whichever candidate Moral Victory! endorses.

Will said...

I love this part of the process, but am not looking forward to the inevitable turndowns....somehow, I still believe that Williams will pull a shocker out of the "proverbial hat" and make us all proud!! I still would like to keep Sisk, Logo, Hand and maybe Kitchings, but I am sure there is some benefit to a clean sweep too.

Anonymous said...

I have known Greg Roman since we were teammates at John Carroll University, and I can say without any hesitation there is no better man for this job or any job that he chose.
I cannot express the level of disbelief when I read an earlier comment that this man is a "coaching slut". The person that wrote this does not know the man, does not know the circumstances behind each job, and why Greg Roman left each position.
Greg Roman did not choose to leave any of those positions. In each case his boss was fired and anyone that knows football knows that when the head man gets let go so does the entire staff down to the film guys.
It is extremely unusual when an asst coach gets retained after the head coach gets fired. This happened with Greg in Carolina. The entire organization was fired from the President, to the GM, to the Head Coach, and all of the assistants except ONE. Yes, you guessed it that ONE was Greg Roman. Why? Who would make that decision? The answers to those questions are that the owner of the franchise decided that the ONLY good man they ONLY worthwhile employee to retain in the ENTIRE organization was Greg Roman.
Why did Mr. Richardson make this decision? I will tell you because I know the man in question. Nobody works harder, nobody is more dedicated, nobody is more loyal, nobody has greater character, nobody has more integrity, nobody is a better father, nobody is smarter, nobody is more driven, nobody has more passion, nobody has a greater vision, nobody knows more football or X's & O's, and nobody has been a better friend than Greg Roman.
If you don't know the man then I suggest you get to know him before you start throwing words like "Slut" around to describe my friend!
Thank you for reading, and Vandy is blessed to have an opportunity to hire a man of this nature.


Thanks for your comments. It's easy to scan somebody's resume and jump to conclusions. We've been doing a lot of resume scanning lately. As much as we fans think we know these guys we're going to have to trust the judgment of the folks making the decisions for Vandy. I did like Roman's response to an e-mail from Lockridge: He said he saw many similarities between Stanford and Vanderbilt and thought Vandy could be a winner. While I think Malzahn would be a huge get, I'd probably give Roman the nod over Franklin from what I've read so far.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your objective comments about my friend Greg Roman.
Very few people know about the sacrifices this man has made because he is not a self-promoter. He's All Business!
Investigate his upbringing... A few facts. He was raised by a single mother that supported three children without assistance on a Catholic school teacher's salary. The oldest, John, is a US Attorney for the state of Pennsylvania. The next son, Matthew, was a special needs child with Down's Syndrome. Greg's experience growing up with Matthew led to Roman founding Project Hope while a student at John Carroll University. Project Hope is a thriving non-profit organization geared toward special needs children.
Greg's uncle, Jack Clary, was in the front office with Paul Brown (enough said). Jack Clary is a member of Fordham University's Athletic Hall Of Fame along with men like Lombardi.
Greg's father figure, Dr. Ken Leistner, is known as The Godfather of Strength Training and implemented all of the first strength training programs into the NFL.
With these connections one would think that Greg Roman would have a silver spoon, graduate college, and walk leisurely into an NFL job. Think again.
When Greg graduated from John Carroll University the Carolina Panthers organization was just forming. Greg packed his ONE bag with everything he owned into an old beat up Ford Bronco II and drove to Charlotte, NC and camped outside The Panther's doorstep until they let him in the facility as a volunteer. He scrubbed the facility floors, wiped down equipment, made copies, broke down film, went on gopher runs, and did everything & anything that was asked of him until he created a position for himself by elbowing his way in. He slept on floors and went several long stints without any electricty. Finally, The Panthers agreed to pay him $12k a year. $12k a year?!?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!?!?
Oh yeah, he married a great woman from Tennessee too... Tell me how Vandy says no to this guy...