Friday, December 10, 2010

10 reasons Gus Malzahn should take the Vanderbilt job

1. $3 million
2. The opportunity to prove he's a genius by winning at Vanderbilt.
3. $3 million
4. Cam Newton's leaving Auburn after this season.
5. $3 million
6. $3 million
7. $3 million
8. $3 million
9. $3 million
10. $3 million


Anonymous said...

I just dont see what the risk is for Malzahn. Hand would be his OC, hed be in the SEC, in Nashville, and has the chance to become a legendary coach.

If he sucks... oh well. Hes still a proven offensive guru. Sometimes great coordinators dont make great head coaches so we are the ones who are running the risk, not malzahn. If he sucks, any school would try to snatch him up as OC.

Anonymous said...

While I think Malzahn is one of the better choices out of our targets (most notably for the fact he's been in the SEC and knows what it takes to win HERE--which is much, much different than winning in another conference), I think the biggest obstacle to us landing him is really the fact that they're in the National Championship this year.

He probably wants to stay at Auburn for (1)staff continuity reasons because I'm sure he wants to win the big one, and (2) winning a national championship surely ups his value somewhat (although if we're offering this much, his value has peaked).

On the contrary, if he does come here, it's probably a good possibility he finishes the post-season with Auburn as OC for the national championship--which hinders our recruiting (obviously a trade-off we're willing to make if we think he's the right coach for the job, but something to think about).

I do think he's the best guy we've looked at, perhaps other than Tommy Bowden, because of his SEC experience. (Bowden also has that experience)