Friday, December 10, 2010

Back up the Brinks truck! Vanderbilt tries to lure Gus Malzahn with cold hard cash

Jeff Lockridge just slipped into one of his blogs that Vanderbilt has supposedly offered Gus Malzahn $3 million to coach the Commodores. Ah, blogs! That nifty invention that enables journalists to serve up information not quite cooked enough for a so-called real news story.

Still, it's nice to see that Vandy's at least rumored to be making a last-minute run at Malzahn, which would of course take truckloads of cash to pull off. Like a lot of people, I'm just not sold on James Franklin. When Maryland fans say they hope he leaves to go to Vandy because they hate the Terrapins offense, well, that's a little bit disconcerting.

And in case you're wondering, if somehow we did lure Malzahn to Nashville, he'd be the SEVENTH highest paid coach in the nation.

Let's just say Malzahn wants to take the money and also accept the challenge of proving he's the best freaking coach ever by actually winning at Vanderbilt. What would stand in our way?

Urban Meyer. Meyer's departure opens the door for Bobby Petrino to do what he's so good at and jump ship to Gainesville which would open the door for Malzahn in his home state of Arkansas. Oh, and Arkansas currently pays Petrino $2.7 million. Bet they could cobble together another 300 grand.

Anyway, here are all the coaches who currently earn $3 million or more per year:

• Nick Saban, Alabama: $6M
• Mack Brown, Texas: $5.2M
• Bob Stoops, Oklahoma: $4.4M
• Urban Meyer, Florida: $4M
• Jim Tressel, Ohio State: $3.9M
• Les Miles, LSU: $3.9M


even more anonymous said...

Great point about the newsworthiness of blogs. Especially newspaper blogs. Every football "insider" web site in the country seems to have taken Lockridge's rumor and and run with it. Would it surprise anyone if Malzahn turned out to be the source?

If we ask "who benefits?" from leaking such a story, the answer almost certainly isn't Vanderbilt.

By the way, I suspect that there are many folks like me who read your site daily, even when they don't enter a comment.


Thanks for reading and commenting. You're right, it certainly benefits Malzahn if lowly Vanderbilt has started the bidding for him at $3 million.

Anonymous said...

I think it does benefit VU to let other coaches know what VU is willing to pay.
from Chris Lee
In addition to Malzahn, Franklin, Treadwell and Roman, Vanderbilt interviewed Tulsa Coach Todd Graham, former Clemson and Tulane head coach Tommy Bowden, former Miami (FL) head coach Randy Shannon, Wisconsin defensive coordinator Dave Doeren, Nebraska assistant Shawn Watson, and Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun. Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo was also considered, but because Navy plays Army this weekend, he was not able to interview in Nashville this past week.


Except that Vanderbilt will not be paying any of those other candidates $3 million. Jim Grobe makes $2.9 million at Wake Forest, but he had to earn it first. I bet Franklin doesn't make more than $1.2 million if he gets the job. That's what Dan Mullen made this season at Miss State. If Franklin turns out to be one of the top 7 coaches in America, then let's pay him 3 mil to keep him.

will said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if other coaches in SEC felt compelled to add an addendum to their contracts where they had to be paid at least $1 more than the coach at VU!! I love being an American....and the Black and Gold!! Go Dores!!

will said...

Just read where Coach Fowler has accepted the head job at Furman...maybe he can build that program back up and come to VU in a few years. You can't be a prophet in your own country!!

1050 lb. said...

No way Vandy goes as high as $3 mil. 2, maybe. But it would be nice to get some bona fide energy in here. I remember Chancellor Gee's statement that Vandy's hiring of Woody's replacement would shock the college football world. I think maybe he thought he would get Ty Willingham. Then they hired the Furman coach. Meh. That's not to say that Bobby Johnson did the dang-near-impossible in getting them to a bowl game. But hiring the Furman coach did not rock the college football world.


I bet the $3 million figure includes bonuses... like maybe $1 million for winning the national championship. Talk about a bonus you'd never have to pay.