Friday, June 4, 2010

Big offensive lineman chooses Commodores

James Lewis, a 6-5, 275-pound offensive tackle from Arlington, Tenn., has chosen the Commodores over Illinois. He's a two-star player, which doesn't mean much. You know, Chris Williams was a two-star guy coming out of high school. We really need offensive linemen.

Vandy was the last team in the SEC to get a verbal commitment for the 2011 signing class, so it's good to finally get a name on the board. But Lewis had apparently committed to Vanderbilt three weeks ago, so who know who else we've already locked up. And upcoming camps and recruiting weekends should yield some commitments too.

While Vandy had one of its best recruiting classes ever, Kentucky had shockingly few commitments heading into the fall but finished with a class rated equal to or better than Vandy's. So keep in mind that it matters most how you finish.

Oh, and it's nice to get a big player at a position we need, and it's also kind of nice that he's not highly rated. I trust that the coaching staff offers its first round of scholarships to the players it really wants and then rounds out the class with second-tier players as signing day approaches. So I believe Lewis will be a good player for us, and I'm kind of glad he's not a four-star guy who'll have to stave off poachers during the upcoming season.

No, Lewis is a guy who'll likely stick with the Commodores until signing day. Hopefully we'll get some prep superstars, but hopefully they'll sign closer to signing day — after we've had a winning season — so we can avoid last year's painful, last-minute loss of talent.

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Anonymous said...

jeeeeez its painfully slow...anything football stories on the west end? Anybody know anything about any of this...

-Why did Herndon see significant action at Minn. as a freshman only to catch 1 pass in a year after sitting out at VU? Was Colin Trashley really better? The gophers were maybe.

-Assuming Larry is #1, who is #2? I'm not buying Funk. If Rodgers, then why red-shirt him? It's been quite some time since we've had an injurless qb for an entire season. If Rodgers is 2nd best, then suit him up.

-Who - outside of those listed as WRs - are candidates to play the position? I'd love to see Tate out there.

-Is Jamie Graham more important to our team as a CB or a WR? I'd have to argue WR. We've got respectable depth and experience at DB.

-What is the latest with the facility upgrades?

-Is Walker May really as good as Spring indicated? Or is our line that bad?

-Am I the only one who thought Kolvachek (sp?) was the best QB on the roster his senior year? Could Rodgers have been suckered to come to VU to play the same mop up role?