Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kyle Woestmann calls out Nash Nance

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned an entertaining web radio interview that a site called Unleash the Rage conducted with Kyle Woestmann and Chris Boyd, Vandy freshmen who'll be arriving on campus in the next week or so.

What made it so entertaining? Well, Kyle Woestmann, a defensive end, loosened up pretty well at the microphone and proceeded to criticize last year's team, bash defecting quarterback Nash Nance and praise Larry Smith.


“This season was just disgraceful, that’s the honest truth. They’ve got to step up and play harder. We’re getting recruits who are more hungry and have the desire to win. We need a few more classes of players ready to get after it. There’s no reason Vandy shouldn’t be winning 6 or 7 games a season.”

Then he said he was ready to get to campus and lead by example: "I’m not afraid of any dude on the other side of the line of scrimmage and I might be 18 and he might be a 23-year-old man but I’m going to whip his butt if I can."

"We’re gonna challenge every player at Vandy now and Vandy’s got to start winning."


“I wasn’t the biggest Nash Nance fan. You could ask 99 percent of our commits. Going on official visit with him I said I don’t want to be with this dude four years. He wasn’t who I want to be quarterback of my team. I don’t think he’d be a positive factor for my team. I didn’t get along with him. I can sack him all day for the next four years and I’m OK with that. Well, I can’t sack him if he’s on the bench. I hope he gets to play all four years and I hope I get to sack him all four years.”


“Larry Smith is exceptional. He’s probably the most jacked quarterback I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Yeah, the ability to pump yourself up in the weight room has always been a critical element to becoming an effective quarterback.

He also praised junior college transfer Jordan Rodgers, saying he had “an exceptional arm” and was a “good athlete.”

And he even had some love for Charlie Goro: "Charlie Goro stood out to me. He was hitting linebackers. I don’t know if I could sack this guy.”

Hey, I love it when football players talk a big game and can back it up. We now know Kyle can do the first part — and we'll soon see if he can do the second.


Brooks said...

Nice work keeping up on the team. I like a guy that brings some fire. I have a feeling he may have a rough first week, but the team will appreciate someone that is ready to win. Tragic about our O-line. We really need the other guys to keep crushing the gym and thousands of calories. Nash is weak and won't ever play.

Anything but Gatorade said...

I'll count myself in Woestman's fan club as long as he doesn't kill Randall Cobb.


He'd just want to stop Randall Cobb. He wants to kill Nash Nance. But actually leave him physically intact so that he can kill him again on the next play.

Ava said...

This was an inspirational story!!

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