Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some guy in Alabama thinks Bobby Johnson's on the hot seat

According to some guy named Phil Paramore, who writes for the Dothan Eagle, there are nine coaches in danger of losing their jobs this season. They include Ron Zook, Les Miles, Rich Rodriguez and...

...Bobby Johnson.

Yes, Bobby's done a nice job with his little collection of scholars and no athletic director, but 12 SEC wins in eight seasons "just doesn't cut it."

Nobody's predicting the Commodores to win even four games this season. But as we've pointed out earlier, Bobby's been stockpiling talent, particularly linemen on both sides of the ball, and these guys are going to be ready to make some noise starting in 2011. It would be a travesty if he didn't get at least one more season to show what he can do provided he can beat Eastern Michigan, the only team he'll be favored to beat.

Of course, the last time Bobby was only favored to win one or two games, the Commodores got their first bowl victory since the Eisenhower administration.

A winning season would be a miracle, and Johnson should be granted a lifetime contract on the spot if that happens. I'm going to sit back and enjoy this season, keeping an eye on the future. The trick will be getting two back-to-back winning seasons, which I believe we can do in 2011 and 2012.

If Bobby wins two games in 2011, then yes, he'll be on the hot seat. But I believe he's got at least two seasons left to develop the talent he's lured to Nashville — and of course to show that his offenses can at least hit double digits in points.


Anything but Gatorade said...

"Stockpiling" might be a little gratuitous, but I do agree that 2011 should be a better year. Weathering 2010 will be the hard part.


Well, not stockpiling in the sense that Florida or LSU stockpiles, but stockpiling in the sense that Vanderbilt has an unprecedented (for Vanderbilt) 10 players with three stars each from Scouts, Rivals and ESPN who are about to begin their freshman season. I've watched plenty of Vanderbilt players who turned down a scholarship offer to Wofford, so forgive me if this feels to me like stockpiling.