Monday, May 17, 2010

Kyle Woestmann in Vandy log jam at defensive end

If you're a Vandy football fanatic, as opposed to just a fan, then you've got to check out the recent Unleash the Rage interview with Kyle Woestmann and Chris Boyd.

But it's an hour long, so if you don't have that kind of patience, then I'll hit some of the highlights in a few posts this week.

The most interesting thing to me was that Kyle, who's been listed since his sophomore year in high school as a defensive tackle, says he's going to play defensive end for the Commodores. In his signing day press conference, Bobby Johnson said Kyle could play end or tackle, and Kyle says Vandy coaches have told him he'll compete at end.

In the interview, Kyle said Florida wanted him to play center — he scoffs at the notion — but Georgia wanted him to play strongside defensive end. In fact, he admits he considered breaking his commitment to Vanderbilt after the 2-10 season, visiting Clemson and South Carolina, and really wanted to play for Georgia assistant coach John Fabris but Fabris was fired in December.

Long listed at 6-2 or 6-3 and 265 pounds, Kyle says he now stands 6-4 but has slimmed down to 240 — and gotten faster.

Though many recruiting services had his 40 time at 4.9, he swears it's now 4.7.

Well, high 4.7s.

And I quote: "4.7948."

Yes, I'd call that a high 4.7.

He says he needs some work on his pass rushing but is looking forward to going one-on-one against offensive tackles instead of facing all the double teams and physical beatings that D-tackles face.

Speaking of competing at end, Kyle Woestmann will need to make an immediate, huge impression on coaches in the pre-season in order to avoid a redshirt. Vandy hasn't played a true freshman at DE since Theron Kadri in 2007. Here's his competition:

• Tim Fugger, R-JR, who started eight games last season and is projected to start this year.
• Theron Kadri, SR, who recorded three sacks last season.
• Terrial Brannon, R-SR, who played in every game and is projected to start this season.
• Josh Jelesky, R-SO, who played in 11 games last season.
• Johnell Thomas, R-SO, who played in 10 games last season.
• Walker May, R-FR, who was one of the stars of spring practice.
• Thad McHaney, R-FR, who turned down a scholarship to Oklahoma.
• James Kittredge, FR, who can also play tackle.
• Thomas Ryan, FR, a pure end who was Vandy's first commit in the 2010 class.

Throw in Woestmann and you've got a depth chart that goes five teams deep.

With Adam Smotherman injured and Woestmann apparently too light to play DT, Vandy's returning D-tackles are super-sub junior T.J. Greenstone and three redshirt sophomores — promising Rob Lohr, who had 14 tackles last year; Colt Nichter, who played in two games; and Taylor Loftley, who still hasn't played a snap.

This is good news for true freshman Vince Taylor, a DT who's a bit undersized at 270 but has 4.7 speed and an incredible nose for the football, and maybe even Jared Morse, another light-in-the-britches true freshman who's also an impressive football player.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the interview and am impressed with both guys. They appear to want to really improve the team. Great comment from Woestman on nah Nance....Chris Boyd soounds like he is ready to come in and compete a starter. I feel that this recruiting class will make us very competitive. If the offensive line stays healthy, and I beleive they will, then vandy will squeak by enough games this season (a better offense & another solid defense) and become bowl eligible. Cant wait to the opener against Northwestern !


Yes, I was impressed with them too. I'll post Woestmann's comments on Nance.

Anonymous said...

Have you posted the comments on Nash yet?