Monday, December 13, 2010

Vanderbilt players go to Facebook to comment on Malzahn

What were Vanderbilt players doing yesterday after rumors were swirling and exactly one news agency was reporting that Gus Malzahn was Vanderbilt's new head coach.

They were on Facebook, of course.

Here's an interchange between Grant Ramsay, a freshman O-lineman who just finished a redshirt year, and Jabo Burrow, who started at guard as a redshirt sophomore:

Grant Ramsay: Gus Malzahn baby! Lets goooooo!!!
Jabo Burrow: I actually heard that ted cain is gonna be the head coach
Grant Ramsay: haha dude really?

And here's Jordan Matthews, the true freshman who caught fire at the end of this season with five touchdowns from Jared Funk late in games:

Jordan Matthews: “We just got Malzahn!! LEEETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! To hype!!!!!!"

Ah yes, to hype. Like Vandy fans, these guys are psyched that Malzahn just may be headed to Nashville. Think they'll be this excited if James Franklin or Greg Roman show up instead?

But the big question is, do these guys know something we don't, or were they surfing the web just like the rest of us?

Unfortunately, I imagine the latter is true.

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