Monday, December 13, 2010

It's never too late for a Vandy fumble: Malzahn still reportedly mulling Vanderbilt offer

On Sunday afternoon, this was the headline on the Washington Post's Terrapin Insider blog: "Gus Malzahn accepts Vanderbilt coaching offer." It was based on what a source told reporter Eric Prisbell who told the blogger Matt Bonesteel.

By midnight, Prisbell had posted a story with this headline: "Gus Malzahn expected to be named head coach at Vanderbilt."

That was after everybody and their mother had run stories saying that Malzahn had taken the Vandy job, but they all were attributing the Washington Post. For example, USA Today runs the story and attributes the Post, and then somebody else reports that the Washington Post and USA Today are reporting that Malzahn had accepted Vandy's offer. You know, because it's nice to have two sources. Except that there was one source all along, and that was the Terrapin Insider blog.

Now, as if to bring everybody down from the mountain, ESPN is reporting that Malzahn has a Vanderbilt offer. Geez, let's hope that much is true. I'd hope we weren't getting excited about Gus accepting the job when he didn't even have an offer.

Right now, it's the same old same old. Malzahn's mulling the offer and James Franklin will take the job if he doesn't.

Oh, and David Williams plans to make an announcement in the next day or so. You know, so the students can spread the gospel of Vandy football when they go home for the holidays to Dallas, Atlanta and Jersey.

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