Thursday, October 8, 2009

Looks like a good place to watch a football game

It was a no-brainer. The Commodores are playing in one of the best gameday atmospheres in all of college football. And in the fall. And my brother lives in the Bronx. And when I realized this, it was summertime and the airlines were in a price war. Oh, and everybody will be wearing black and gold.

So I'm headed to New York City/West Point for a short family vacation. Pretty nice, huh?

I hear lots of Vandy alumni took advantage of some cool travel packages involving New York City hotels and a tour on a cruise boat up the Hudson to the game — which because of the early kickoff was changed to a cruise down the Hudson back to the hotel so the tour people could sell more alcohol on the boat. And the Vandy fans can celebrate, of course. Or drown their sorrows.

But anyway, lots of Vandy fans are headed to the game, and it's rapidly approaching a sellout.

I'm looking forward to it. We'll head to West Point around 8 a.m., check out some of the campus or base or whatever you call it, then see the review of cadets at 9 a.m., then walk around some more and then head up to Michie Stadium where they have something called Black Knights Alley where there's music and tailgating and giant inflatables. Sort of like Vandyville, except it's on the Hudson River and all the students are wearing uniforms — oh, and they've been doing it since before the Civil War.

Kickoff's at noon, but I hear you've got to get in the stadium early because of all the security checks, and you don't want to miss the parachute team and all the other stuff they do before kickoff.

Anybody out there making the West Point trip too?


Greg M said...

Sounds awesome. Hope you have fun, and get to celebrate on the way back down the Hudson!!

Dimon said...

Thanks Greg. Do you get CBSC, which is televising the game?

Brooks said...

That sounds like a solid trip. I will be watching for the Dores fans on TV! Our offense clearly needs to work on the timing of the snap count this week (among other things). I still like our players though - Norman has really impressed me in Zac's absence.

Anonymous said...

Goro would help the offense