Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Smile, Mackenzi, somebody just voted for you

For the last couple of months, we've been asking Vandy fans who they want as their starting quarterback next season.

Up ’til a few minutes ago, 46 of you had voted. And 41 of them wanted Larry Smith to be the starter. Oh, and three votes for Jared Funk, who's never played in a game for the Commodores, and a pair of votes for Charlie Goro, who's never even practiced with the Commodores.

Not a single vote for Mackenzi Adams, who has the most starting experience and the most big-game experience.

Now there's a 47th vote. And you can smile, Mac. It's for you.

Isn't this incredible? The national media is talking about how Bobby Johnson is undecided between Larry and Mac, but 90 percent of the fans are behind Larry and the rest are behind guys who've never played a down for us.

It's incredible how uninformed most SEC football "experts" are about the Commodores, but it's especially incredible how little faith the Commodore faithful have in Mackenzi.

You know where I stand. I've been wanting to name Larry Smith the starter since last spring. But I'm still amazed at the lack of people in Mac's camp.

Anybody have any thoughts? Hey, what about you, the person who actually voted for Mac? What do you think?


Scott Reed said...

I voted for Larry Smith, just because I think he is the best quarterback right now. I love Mac's body of work coming off the bench, but not so much as a starter. I am glad to have Mac's experience behind Larry.

Diezba said...

I mean, not to take away from Mackenzi, because he did win important games for us, but Larry is definitely our starter.

Let's just remember that we shouldn't pile on Mac -- he's a good guy, he's smart, and he's a Commodore. And as an alumnus of our fine institution, I, for one, support each and every one of our Black and Golden warriors who must trudge through both one of the world's most difficult academic curriculums (43rd in the world, to be precise, and 18th in the US), and the world's most difficult college football conference.

I know that you didn't mean to disparage Mac, but let's remember these are kids.


Hey, I love Mac too and appreciate all he's done for us. His two touchdown passes against Auburn will go down in Vanderbilt history, and so will his performance at South Carolina the year before. There are some good arguments for making him the starter, and I looked at those in depth a couple of weeks ago. Which is why it's so surprising to me that one out of 48 people have voted for him. I could do like all the national media and act like we've got one incredibly tight quarterback race that's split Commodore Nation down the middle. But let's face it: Nearly everybody connected to our program believes Larry Smith should be the starter.