Monday, June 15, 2009

Georgia Tech grabs three players with Vanderbilt offers

In the past few days, three Georgia boys with Vandy offers have chosen to ride with the Rambling Wreck, and it kind of stings a little.

Cornerback B.J. Bostic made his verbal commitment to Georgia Tech public on Thursday, followed by safety Isaiah Johnson on Saturday and tackle Morgan Bailey on Sunday.

Losing Johnson and Bailey is no big deal. Both got three stars from, but neither have been rated yet by ESPN or Rivals.

Bostic is a much bigger deal, getting four stars from rivals and a 77 rating from ESPN.

I know, I know. We shouldn't worry about the people who don't sign with us. Still, Bostic would have been a nice addition to the Commodores.

And don't think it helps any that the year we finally win a bowl game, the university in the metro Atlanta area, where we're targeting so many potential recruits, also has a big year. Though maybe a lot of those kids were also at the Chick-Fil-A Bowl in the Georgia Dome watching Tech get stomped by LSU, which finished behind Vanderbilt in the SEC.

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