Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vandy's Franklin is playing to win

I like the call on fourth and 3, when Zac Stacy ran toward the line and threw a jump pass to Brandon Barden who was turned the other way and missed the catch.

Cincy scored right before the half, but I still like the call. Franklin's playing to win, and we're having trouble stopping the run and moving the ball.

I look forward to seeing how we adjust. Sure, it would be nice to win and have a winning season, but our ultimate goal is not 7-6 seasons. We're building to something bigger.

Well, as long as Eric Samuels doesn't keep returning kicks. We start the second half in a huge hole after Samuels' fumble.

Go Dores.


Another L-M VU Alum. said...

"This Loss Does Not Define Us"

Well, unfortunately five losses by a touchdown or less has defined our season. I'm hoping in the coming months going into next season, the definition of execution, precision, no room for error and composure during the closing minutes of close games will be another part of the Frankin Culture.
I have a tremendous respect for Coach Franklin in giving Mr. Smith a golden opportunity to end his playing career at Vanderbilt with a signature win. Regrettably it was a *signature* loss for Larry and I will congratulate him on graduating from Vanderbilt as a highly regarded and liked student-athlete. I'm sure that now CJF feels satisfied down deep that he has treated Larry with the deepest respect and understanding, given that he(Larry) was allowed to have the opportunity to orchestrate a win in the final 3-4 minutes of the bowl game along with his two touchdown drives.
I'm looking forward to next season and although we all have to look to the "next game", this should be a learning experience for a young team.

even more anonymous said...

We were in this game to the end, despite not playing well and making so many mistakes. Chris Boyd gutting out that 68-yard td run on a bad hamstring said all that needed to be said about character. Can't wait till next year! Bring on the Gamecocks!

Greg M said...

I was at he game but couldn't tell if the O-line reverted to old from or if JR just had a very bad game.

BTW. Was really proud and impressed by the Vandy fan support. The memphis Sunday paper said it estimated that 60% of the 57,000 were VU fans!!

Vandy Mark 1984 said...

Can't wait till the opening game against SC...

Anonymous said...

so to manage expectations, can MV! please project the frequency of posts its readers should expect?

a. football season is over, no posts til spring practice
b. maybe a post or two a month on recruiting news and misc. off field activities
c. MV will find a way to post 1-2x a week to appease the mob

Greg M said...

Heard that a top NC QB commit from Maryville(?) withdrew and is enrolling at VU. Any truth?