Friday, December 9, 2011

Vandy's ranked a lot lower than Cincy, but still favored to win the Liberty Bowl

Vandy is a 3-point favorite over Cincinnati in the Liberty Bowl, which is kind of interesting because the Bearcats are ranked No. 27 in the BCS, 21 points higher in the BCS than the No. 48 Commodores.

No other team outranked by that much is favored to win. And only seven other matchups out of the 33 other bowls features a lower ranked team that’s favored in the opening line. Here are those seven matchups:

• No. 72 Utah State favored by 3.5 over No. 64 Ohio in the Potato Bowl.
• No. 74 Florida International favored by 4.5 over No. 60 Marshall in the St. Petersburg Bowl.
• No. 55 North Carolina State favored by 1.5 over No. 38 Louisville in the Belk Bowl.
• No. 61 Illinois favored by 3 over No. 54 UCLA in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.
• No. 13 Michigan favored by 1.5 over No. 11 Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.
• No. 62 Pittsburgh favored by 5.5 over No. 57 SMU in the Compass Bowl.
• No. 35 Arkansas State favored by 1 over No. 34 Northern Illinois in the GoDaddy Bowl.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Just goes to show the perceived difference between the SEC and Big East. I think this will be a very tough game.

Cincy and Vandy share 2 common opponents this year: UT and UConn. Cincy was beat handily by UT , but also beat UConn.

Other than that, I don't know much about these guys, but expect it to be a close one.

I predict a VU win, but make it knowing the homer in me.
VU: 27
Cincy: 24

Greg M said...

Sagarin has Cincy #37 and VU #39. VU strength of schedule is #33 amd Cincy's is #80 and Cincy favored by .4 on a neutral field.

even more anonymous said...

Meanwhile, has Cincinnati ranked #25 and Vandy #61.

MV! said...

Just going by BCS. Greg, where does Sagarin rate Chattanooga?

Greg M said...

UT Chattanooga is #131.Should be better next year, lot of Freshman starters.

Anonymous said...

The fact that we are favored also shows alot of respect for this coaching staff. Very impressive to take almost the same roster and get 6 wins in CJF 1st season. Don't forget that we were a double digit favorite against Kentucky and easily covered; a narrow road favorite at Tenn; and then dominated Wake in the last game (on the road). Vegas likely sees Vandy as a better team because of the SEC schedule we play vs the Big East schedule that Cincy plays. I think we win by a touchdown and our guys play an inspired game to cap off the season. Go Dores !

parlagi said...

Vegas is likely looking at UC's QB situation, too. They had to play their backup in the last 3 games after the starter broke his ankle. He might be back, but if he is, their OL better be ready to block.

Another L-M VU Alum said...

That's for sure.
Cincy's O-line should be hard at work for this one.
If not, Fugger, Marve and Barnes will just take turns flattening Callaros (or whomever); I hope that ankle is well-healed.
Or, It may not be pretty........

Anonymous said...

I just hope I get to see the game. I got my tickets today and I think I'm sitting in Mississippi.