Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vandy offense looking good at halftime

In the preseason, I predicted Vandy would beat Kentucky 20-14. Looking good right now, because we're winning at halftime 13-10.

We've had a better half offensively than most of our games this year. Consider this:
- 242 yards total offense
- 9 first downs
- Zero turnovers
- Kennard Reeves, filling in for Stacy and Norman, has 53 yards on nine carries.
- True freshman Jonathan Krause has 110 yards on three touches, including a 52-yard reception, a 45-yard run and a 13-yard reception.
- Larry looks pretty good running and passing.
- The offensive line is actually holding its own.

On the downside, on our first two drives we had 2nd and goal on the 1-yard line and 1st and 10 on the 11 and we came away with six points instead of 14.

But as the second half begins, there's a big "if." We can win this game if we make second half adjustments.

And that's a mighty big "if."


Anonymous said...

Very similar game to last years UK/VU game in Nahville as far as halftime score...........see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

You can correct my spelling of "Nashvile" above. Blasphemous. It's always that first touchdown that the other team scores after these 1st halfs where Vanderbilt is tied or is leading. What is going on with this team???? Take away two big UK plays (long pass and long run) and add the eight points that VU left on the field and that should have been a win.