Thursday, November 4, 2010

Charlie Goro suspended for being a college student

We told you last week that Charlie Goro wasn't on the sideline in Arkansas.

So what happened?

"Sorriness" happened.

"Charlie Goro was suspended for sorriness," Coach Robbie Caldwell told the Tennessean.

And the definition of sorriness? "Not getting up and going to class," Caldwell said. "I apologize if that's a little strong, but there's no reason why anybody can't get up and go to class. None whatsoever."

No, actually, Coach, there are plenty of reasons a young man in his second year of college can't get up and go to class, and most of them are related to whatever he happened to be doing the night before and how late he happened to be doing it.

Such a thing may have even happened to me when I was a Vanderbilt student. But I didn't play football and so my parents didn't have to read about it in the newspaper. Which was all well and good.

So young Charlie will miss the Florida game and return for the Kentucky contest, but it sounds like he'll be in the doghouse until, oh, the middle of February.

As I said before, I certainly understand what happened. The kid's 19 years old and living on a great campus in a great city. But c'mon Charlie! Vandy was getting blown out on Saturday, Larry was demoralized, Funk had just thrown a pick-six and it was still early in the fourth quarter! Perfect time to insert the third team quarterback.

Except the third-string quarterback was apparently back in Nashville, hopefully catching up on his sleep. Hope you get another chance, Charlie.

Speaking of my days as a Vandy student, I just realized it's been 22 years since I was a junior watching the Commodores whip the Gators and Emmitt Smith, which was the last time we beat Florida.


One other thing: True freshman Logan Stewart has apparently supplanted senior Joey Bailey as our starting center. Bailey has returned from an ankle injury but is working at left guard, where we've been alternating between redshirt sophomores Jabo Burrow and Caleb Welchans. Here's hoping Stewart develops into an All-SEC center and starts 43 more games. (Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wake Forest, and the next three seasons, all with bowl games.)


Alex said...

I'll be honest, I'm shocked Charlie is still on this team. As a Parade All-American coming in, he had some real promise but he has never been given a chance to perform. Jared Funk has served his time on the team but Goro needs to get some game time. So far the coaches have refused to play him and see his potential. Maybe he isn't as good as I imagine, but we're not exactly a powerhouse at the QB position. I've heard rumors on campus that Charlie will be transferring at the end of the semester and I can't blame him if he does. It would be a shame to lose him without ever giving him a chance.


Alex, I agree. The perfect time to play Goro would have been in mop-up duty against Georgia or, at the very least, against Eastern Michigan. The coaching staff is convinced that Larry's going to get hurt at any minute and so they want Funk ready, but there was no reason Charlie couldn't have played against EMU.

Anonymous said...

Funny story.
I didn't play football either.
34 years out of Vanderbilt and I couldn't get out of bed to go to class at times......and I'm a Professor now. Once, I had to have two alarm clocks set and a painter that lived in the apartment next door bang on the walls so I could get up and go to a final exam.

Also. Long live the memory of Coach Roy Skinner.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Alex. I have also heard from some very reliable sources that more than 1 player is looking at transfer options for next season. This is a reflection of how many players feel about the coaching staff and the direction of the football program. Goro is another example of a player who comes to Vandy as a very solid player but does not get coached up. No excuse for not going to class but I hope that the coaches don't hold it against him.

Will said...

Fortunately, I had a coach who interested me in going to class...or I would have probably had a different fate!! I never thought about transferring, but decided to pursue my studies along with athletics....and I was a third string O-Lineman and a tennis player....thanx again, Coach!!

Anonymous said...

Suspended for not going to class? Obviously, this is a clear picture picture of how they feel about him and it's time Charlie take his services where they may be better served. This kid is an amazing athlete, I am confused as to why the coaching staff has never given him one opportunity yet.

Anonymous said...

This is astounding, if true, conviction from a coaching staff. I would bet the bank that there are a strong percentage of starting college ball players, as well as one's standing ready to play, that have missed a class during the week on any given Saturday. Hell, let's go further and say any sport. Astounding! Not sure if their conviction is a good or bad one though.....a bit harsh it seems.

Anonymous said...

Dimon, your article is pathetic and full of lies, (or you wrote it based upon what you heard) if you would like to know the truth about Caldwell and Franklin, I'd be happy to give you a true story. Until then, stop writing articles on half truths just so you can get publicity.