Friday, July 23, 2010

New Vandy coach hand says the trick to the spread is success on second-and-10

Here's a link to a Q&A with new Vandy offensive coach Herb Hand.

Don't know much about Tulsa? It's the smallest school in Division I. In 2008, while Vandy was beating Boston College in the Music City Bowl without scoring an offensive touchdown, Tulsa was setting the record for largest margin of victory in a bowl game with a 62-7 victory over Bowling Green.

In this interview, Hand talks about how he can adjust the spread to his best players. He talks about the importance of having an athletic quarterback, and that Vince Young would be his ideal college spread quarterback.

He says Tulsa ran and threw the ball almost exactly the same amount of plays, and that the key to having a good offense is being able to convert on 2nd and 10, which gives you the confidence to throw on first down and risk an incompletion. Has our offense ever thrown the ball on first down?

Anyway, click the above link and read more about Hand's offensive philosophy.


Anonymous said...

what you just said is exactly the reason why GORO is the reason for the season. Yes a quarterback should know how to pass - and he does that - and can he run???? Hell yes!


MV! readers certainly think Goro is the man. He now has a commanding lead in our "who should be QB?" poll. Notice that nobody but us are even talking about Goro being a possibility at quarterback. The world is focusing on Smith and The-Brother-of-Aaron. Maybe the coaches want to take Northwestern by surprise by unveiling Goro at the last minute. But it still looks like Larry will get the first shot. We'll see. Caldwell, though, seems to enjoy surprising people.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the new offensive philosophy will mean a total remake at wide rec. From what i saw at the spring game, the vandy wr's are not going to scare any sec corner. Not one returning wr was impressive. I am thinking that at leaste 1 freshman should start at wr and Larry Smith should have a very short leash if the offense does not move agaiinst northwestern. Brady Brown looked like he had lost some confidence and the other recs did not run solid routes or show much athletic ability. Hopefully Caldwell and Hand will light a fire under guys who are not producing and not hold back any of the freshmen wr's. Go dores.


We need receivers who can separate from defensive backs and then, of course, catch the ball. Nobody's been talking about true frosh Jonathan Krause, but I think he fits the bill and will be a major threat for us. Look for Boyd, Matthews and even Pruitt to play ahead of fifth-year senior Turner Wimberly, who somehow started some games last season.

Anonymous said...

Goro is best for the Spread