Monday, July 19, 2010

Vanderbilt offensive line loses two more players, but remaining players keep on getting bigger

The Commodores just keep getting thinner on the offensive line. At the start of the year, the team had nine offensive linemen with game experience.

Then Reilly Lauer left school.

Then James Williams was an academic casualty.

Now two more linemen are nowhere to be seen on the Commodores’ latest roster: redshirt junior Rob Ashabranner and redshirt sophomore Richard Cagle.

That leaves Vandy with just five linemen who’ve ever played in a college football game:

• Joey Bailey (6-4, 295; R-Sr)
• Chris Aaron (6-4, 295; R-Sr)
• Kyle Fischer (6-6, 310; R-Jr)
• Ryan Seymour (6-4, 305; R-So)
• Caleb Welchans (6-5, 300; R-So)

Neither Ashabranner nor Cagle was supposed to start, but now four guys with no game experience must step up:

• Wesley Johnson (6-5, 280; R-Fr)
• Jabo Burrow (6-4, 285; R-So)
• Mylon Brown (6-5, 310; R-Fr)
• Justin Cabbagestalk (6-3, 290; R-Fr)

Collectively, these nine guys have gained 134 pounds since last season. Here’s how these clean-plate club members rank:

1. Johnson +30 pounds
1. Burrow +30 pounds
3. Cabbagestalk +25 pounds
4. Seymour +11 pounds
5. Welchans +10 pounds
5. Brown +10 pounds
5. Aaron +10 pounds
8. Bailey +6 pounds
9. Fischer +2 pounds

A couple of these true freshmen, most likely Ramsay and Stewart, could get thrown into the fire too:

• Grant Ramsay (6-5, 285; Fr)
• Logan Stewart (6-5, 290; Fr)
• Chase White (6-5, 270; Fr)
• Andrew Bridges (6-6, 240; Fr)


Anonymous said...

Ashabranner and Cagle gone is a GREAT THING! Neither were going to play unless the line was extremely, extremely poor! Get those duds out of there and use their scholarships for this next class. There's also still time to sign a JUCO kid, something Vanderbilt's been trying to do for the past month. Believe me, I wouldn't waste the bandwith to talk about Ashabranner or Cagle, two turds that Kenny Carter gave us.


Wow. Alrighty then.

You're right that those guys were the least valuable linemen on the team, and it's nice they won't be taking up scholarships for the next two or three years, though I'd have liked to have a couple more big bodies on the depth chart before you get to freshman Andrew Bridges, who weighs 240 pounds and should redshirt.

Anonymous said...

good stuff MV