Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vandy's 2012 NFL draft class should top this year's

With the 2010 NFL draft now behind us, your thoughts have already turned to which Commodore(s) will or could be drafted next year.

Or maybe not.

But CBS Sports online has interesting if not accurate ratings for draft prospects from the classes of 2011, 2012 and even 2013.

Here are as many of the Commodore prospects as we could find during our lunch break:

• John Stokes: No. 41 outside linebacker
• Theron Kadri: No. 58 defensive end
• Adam Smotherman: No. 60 defensive tackle

• Chris Marve: No. 7 inside linebacker
• Brandon Barden: No. 8 tight end
• Sean Richardson: No. 11 strong safety
• Casey Hayward: No. 19 cornerback
• T.J. Greenstone: No. 38 defensive tackle
• James Williams: No. 45 offensive tackle
• Jamie Graham: No. 49 cornerback
• Tim Fugger: No. 80 defensive end
• Kyle Fischer: No. 84 offensive guard
• Udom Umoh: No. 151 wide receiver

• Warren Norman: No. 12 running back
• Trey Wilson: No. 50 cornerback
• Zac Stacy: No. 58 running back
• John Cole: No. 59 wide receiver
• Brady Brown: No. 128 wide receiver

Um, do you really believe we have three NFL prospect wide receivers on the current roster?


Anonymous said...

To be fair, I don't think CBS thinks we have 3 NFL prospect WRs either. Even with Umoh rated at #151, it'd take 2/3 of all draft picks to be WRs before he made it in the 7th round.

Look at it this way: he's rated 7 spots behind a 5'8" Div. II WR who averaged 45 yards a game last year.


Good point. If the 2012 draft follows the same patterns as this year's, then Chris Marve (No. 7 ILB) and Brandon Barden (No. 8 TE) go in the fourth round, and Casey Hayward (No. 19 CB) goes in the fifth. So yeah, Udom would have no shot. But I do think it's kind of cool to see so many players ranked.