Friday, April 9, 2010

Fullam cracking heads, BJ talking up redshirt for Rodgers

Bobby Johnson spent about 10 minutes on the air the other day with the fellas from 104.5 in Nashville, which is always a good chance to get some new info, or at least read between the lines. A few key points:

• Fullam settles in at free safety: Johnson says it's fair to compare redshift freshman Jay Fullam to Ryan Hamilton, who started at FS for four years after redshirting. Fullam, you remember, was going to play as a true frosh before needing hand surgery during preseason. BJ says he's smart and a hard hitter, always a good combination.

• Young linemen stepping up: With right tackle James Williams still recovering from a nasty break and a rod in his leg and with left tackle Ryan Seymour having shoulder surgery, redshirt frosh Wes Johnson's been getting lots of work at tackle. He's a talent but still awfully light in the britches. Caleb Welchans and Kyle Fischer also fit into plans, and Joey Bailey's a lock at center.

• Warren Norman sharp at tailback, no surprise, but Kennard Reeves has been a beast as well.

• Archie Barnes, DeAndre Jones and Dexter Daniels expected to step up at LB alongside Marve and Stokes (no mention of Tristan Strong).

• Johnson says the offense has change "a lot" and cites the change at OC.

• Also says Jordan Rodgers progressing as expected, is very mobile in the pocket and may very well redshirt. Also not getting as many reps because Smith needs them (fair enough) and Funk does too (why?). Goro looks "pretty good." I still think Goro's a dark horse and he'll sneak up on people because Rodgers and his bloodlines are getting all the press.

That's all for now. B&G game tomorrow at 10:30 CST.


Aaron said...

I'd say that Funk is getting more snap because its his 5 yr in the program and understand the offense better than Rodgers. From what it sounds like Rodgers needs to learn the offense better. I, personally, would want a QB with 5 years of this offense under his belt to have to come in if Larry Smith gets hurt. As result, Funk is probably getting more snaps that Rodgers. I don't know but this is all my opinion.


Yeah maybe I should give Funk a break. And if he actually plays and plays well after four years without throwing a pass while our offense floundered then the staff has some explaining to do.

Clark said...

Best looking player from yesterday's scrimmage? Walker May. He moved sooooo fast. Granted it was against Richard Cagle, but he has a chance to make an impact in the way that Broderick Stewart showed flashes of.


Thanks, Clark. I look forward to seeing Walker play.