Monday, November 1, 2010

November always unkind to Vanderbilt football

For the past month or so, I've been saying we should keep Caldwell if he wins two games in November. That would probably mean beating Wake Forest, which looks at least as bad as we are, and then beating either Kentucky OR Tennessee.

Some people don't like this. Some people think we should win our last three games and probably beat Florida too.

People, do you know the last time Vanderbilt won two games in November?

It was 1995. That was 15 years ago.

Bobby Johnson won three November games in eight seasons as Vandy's head coach. Why should we expect Robbie Caldwell to do the same thing in one season?

In a great post from earlier today, Andrew04, wrote this:

"All you can expect from the coach is to put out the best and most ready team he has, and all you can expect from the players is that they give a maximum effort."

If we win two games in November — and yes, finish 4-8 — then Caldwell indeed put out the best and most ready team he had and all our players gave maximum effort.

And if they do that next season, then we'll have more than four wins.


Will said...

Even though we just recently lost two of our most consistent players (Warren and Jamie) we are still entering November healthier and deeper overall than in many years past. Although our depth does not compare with that of most of our competition, it has still allowed our starters to hopefully have stronger legs than in years past. It seems like Robbie has a firm grasp on the loyalty and commitment of the locker room and the toughest part of the schedule is clearly behind us with the possible exception of Florida. I am confident that this November will be different than years past.....Let's Rock!!

Anonymous said...

As a Vanderbilt alum and supporter, I wish the team and the coaching staff the best for thr rest of the 2010 season. There are three more games and Vanderbilt can make a statement and gain momentum going into next year. Some of the freshman had great plays against Florida and these guys should even raise the morale of the upperclassmen. The team can start building from there. Vanderbilt can deal with "personnel" adjustments at the end of the season.