Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick spring football update

At the beach and not exactly thinking about football. Hey, if anybody still wants to deconstruct the Vandy hoopsters' tourney failures, I'd advise you to remember that the same Murray State team we supposedly handed the game to also came within a bucket of upsetting Butler.

Anyway, here are two spring stars heading into Saturday's B&G scrimmage:

JARED FUNK: yes, the Funkster shows off his cannon for the fourth straight spring. Then the regular season will begin and it'll be back to the punt coverage team, right?

WALKER MAY: The redshift freshman is emerging as a dominating pass rusher, at least against our offense. This kid will get real minutes this season.

If you can, check out the free scrimmage at the Dud at 10:30 am Saturday. Then let me know what you see. Go Dores.

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Go Goro