Sunday, December 28, 2008

COUNTDOWN: Vanderbilt's No. 1 defensive play of the year

Today we unveil the best of the 12 defensive plays of Christmas. And if you've been keeping count at home, you've noticed that we made an awful lot of stellar defensive plays in the Ole Miss game. In fact, four of Vanderbilt's top five defensive plays of the season occurred during the Ole Miss game. Was that an incredible game or what?

Anyway, here we go with No. 1, and is it really any surprise?:

1. MARVE’S GOAL LINE STRIP (AT OLE MISS 9/20): With Vanderbilt holding onto a shaky three point lead late in the Ole Miss game, the Rebels Dexter McCluster caught a 56-yard pass that put the ball on the VU7. On the next play, as he took a pitch and appeared to be heading into the end zone, redshirt freshman Chris Marve stripped the ball and it was recovered by DJ Moore in the end zone for a touchdown. It was an unbelievable escape for the Commodores.

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