Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vandy uses up its last scholarship — at least for now

Our recent reconnaissance of the signing day war room depth chart revealed that Vanderbilt had filled 84 scholarships, with one left to give.

There were two candidates:
• Cornerback Anthony Standifer, who didn’t commit anywhere on signing day and was scheduled for a campus visit to Vandy, Pittsburgh and Ole Miss.
• Maryland quarterback Danny O’Brien, a James Franklin protégé, whom everybody assumed would transfer to Vandy if Randy Edsall would grant him permission to do so.

Since then, Standifer committed to Ole Miss and Edsall graciously reconsidered – or did damage control after getting blasted by every media outlet known to man – and allowed O’Brien to transfer to Vandy after all.

But the other day the Commodores offered the remaining scholarship to kicker/punter Colby Cooke, who was going to grayshirt but who will now enroll in school in the fall. That means Vandy now has four kickers on scholarship, placekickers Carey Spear and Ryan Fowler and punter Richard Kent. Sure, that’s a boatload of kickers, and Cooke may still redshirt, but considering last year’s performances by Spear and Fowler, we need him available.

So what about O’Brien? Don’t worry, if O’Brien and Franklin both want the transfer to happen, we’ll find scholarship room. This time last year, in Franklin’s first spring, three rising sophomores – Charlie Goro, Blake Southerland and Blake Gowder – were cleared from the roster for the usual variety of reasons, including injury.

Here’s a look at how our 85 scholarships are currently allotted:

1. Jordan Rodgers, R-SR
2. Austyn Carta-Samuels, R-JR
3. Josh Grady, R-FR
4. Kris Kentera, R-FR
5. Patton Robinette, FR

1. Zac Stacy, SR
2. Warren Norman, R-JR
3. Jerron Seymour, SO
4. Lafonte Thourogood, R-FR
5. Brian Kimbrow, FR

1. Brady Brown, R-JR
2. Wesley Tate, R-JR
3. Jonathan Krause, JR
4. Jordan Matthews, JR
5. Chris Boyd, R-SO
6. Trent Pruitt, R-SO
7. Jacquese Kirk, R-FR
8. Cory Batey, FR
9. Tip McKenzie, FR

1. Austin Monahan, R-SR
2. Fitz Lassing, JR (also fullback)
3. Dillon van der Wal, SO
4. Darien Bryant, R-FR
5. Steven Scheu, R-FR

1. Josh Jelesky, R-SR
2. Ryan Seymour, R-SR
3. Mylon Brown, R-JR
4. Wesley Johnson, R-JR
5. Andrew Bridges, R-SO
6. Grant Ramsay, R-SO
7. Spencer Pulley, SO
8. Chase White, R-SO
9. Joe Townsend, SO
10. Jake Bernstein, R-FR
11. James Lewis, R-FR
12. Jose Valedon, R-FR
13. Adam Butler, FR
14. Blake Fromang, FR
15. Barrett Gouger, FR
16. Will Holden, FR
17. Andrew Jelks, FR
18. Kevin McCoy, FR

1. Rob Lohr, R-SR
2. Colt Nichter, R-SR
3. Jared Morse, JR
4. Vince Taylor, R-SO
5. Barron Dixon, SO
6. Conor Hart, R-FR (also offensive lineman)
7. Torey Agee, FR
8. Ladarius Banks, FR

1. Johnell Thomas, R-SR
2. Walker May, R-JR
3. Thad McHaney, R-JR
4. Thomas Ryan, R-SO
5. Kyle Woestmann, R-SO
6. Jimmy Stewart, R-FR
7. Caleb Azubike, FR
8. Stephen Weatherly, FR (also linebacker)

1. Archibald Barnes, R-SR
2. Tristan Strong, R-SR
3. Chase Garnham, JR
4. Karl Butler, JR (also safety)
5. Larry Franklin, R-FR (also safety)
6. Harding Harper, FR
7. Darreon Herring, FR
8. Jacob Sealand, FR
9. Ja’Karri Thomas, FR

1. Eddie Foster, SR
2. Trey Wilson, SR
3. Steven Clarke, JR
4. Andre Hal, JR
5. Derek King, R-FR
6. Brandon Banks, FR
7. Paris Head, FR
8. Torren McGaster, FR

1. Eric Samuels, SR
2. Javon Marshall, R-JR
3. Kenny Ladler, JR
4. Jahmel McIntosh, R-FR
5. Andrew Williamson, R-FR

1. Ryan Fowler, R-SR (placekicker/punter)
2. Richard Kent, R-SR (punter)
3. Carey Spear, JR (placekicker)
4. Colby Cooke, FR (placekicker/punter)

1. Andrew East, R-SO (also linebacker)


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks for the rundown of scholarships.

It appears we might not have enough linebackers this spring to fill out both defenses. However, we will have a few more bodies at OL, although with injuries, probably still not enough to have 2 full teams. We will see.

I completely see the reasoning, but it is really ashame we have to have 4 kickers on scholarship. I understand why, with our out of this universe tuition, but still, a little disconcerting.

Should be a fun spring. I hope all of the qb's stay healthy, so we can get a good look at each one in the fire.

Dimon K-H said...

Yeah, it looks like we'll play some safeties at linebacker at least until the freshmen arrive, and Andrew East will probably fill in during the spring like he did last year. I agree that it'll be an interesting spring, and especially fun to watch the QB competition with Carta-Samuels now eligible and Robinette enrolling early.

Anonymous said...

Lots on info recently - no more Brady or Mylon Brown. Also some position changes for the RS F QBs.