Monday, October 31, 2011

James Franklin tallies explosive plays, Josh Jelesky makes his move, and Andrew Bridges wears a running back number

It’s time once again to review some highlights from the latest Monday press conference and depth chart.


• Explosive plays: James Franklin said he was pleased with the offense, which had 11 explosive plays compared to its goal of eight. He said the difference in the offense this week was the ability of Vandy’s receivers to catch balls in traffic. Remember, he’s said all along that if our wideouts can’t separate from SEC DBs, he at least expects them to make tough catches while being heavily defended. Matthews and Boyd did just that on Saturday. He also praised Krause for returning to the game as a punt returner after nearly getting his head knocked off a quarter earlier.

• Defending explosive plays: Franklin said the defense held Arkansas to four explosive plays, above the team’s goal of only two. No mention of a certain 96-yard explosive play from the Razorback defense.

• Something to work on: He said he’s concerned about the defense’s inability to stop drives at the end of the half. Here, here.

• Something to feel good about: He reminded everybody that Arkansas was “the same team we lost 49-14 to last year.” But he was quick to add: “We gave it away… We got to learn to win.”

• Something else to feel good about: He pointed out that Florida is dead last in the nation in fewest penalties and is last in the SEC in worst turnover margin.

• Looking ahead to the future: Franklin said this spring he plans to meet with Commodores currently playing in the NFL to get them involved in the program and make sure they’re happy with the direction of the program.


• Receivers: As usually, Boyd and Matthews are listed as co-starters at the x-receiver, but in the latest depth chart Matthews is also listed as a co-starter with Krause at the y-receiver. So maybe we’ll see Boyd and Matthews in the game at the same time. Kind of makes sense, huh? Wesley Tate is still listed as the z-receiver, but lately we’ve been starting FB Fitz Lassing instead. So far, Matthews has started six games, Krause five, Boyd three and Tate two. Udom Umoh’s also started two games, but his playing time at receiver has diminished.

• Offensive line: Looks like redshirt junior Josh Jelesky, who moved from defensive end in the preseason, will get his first career start at any position on Saturday, beating out right guard Mylon Brown. Franklin said Brown has made huge strides since the winter, but that Jelesky, whose playing time has increased over the past two games, has passed big Mylon for now on the depth chart. He would be the ninth O-lineman to start for the Commodores this season, joining Ryan Seymour, Kyle Fischer, Wesley Johnson, Chase White, Logan Stewart, Andrew Bridges and Jabo Burrow.

• Freshmen on the depth chart: The emergence of Jelesky, the return of Stewart, and the fact that redshirt junior Caleb Welchans is now listed at both backup center and right tackle has led to the disappearance of true freshmen linemen Joe Townsend and Spencer Pulley from the depth chart. That leaves RB Jerrod Seymour and DT Barron Dixon as the only true freshmen on the depth chart. Mitchell Hester made a brief appearance as a backup punt returner a few weeks ago but has yet to enter a game. Another true frosh, Dillon van der Wal, is seeing action at tight end and on special teams.

• Mr. Versatile: Speaking of tight ends, have you noticed that Andrew Bridges, who’s 6-6, 270 pounds and who started at tackle against Army, was playing tight end and wearing No. 43 in goal line situations against Arkansas? Cool, huh? And on at least one play, guard Ryan Seymour, who’s 6-6 and 300, lined up wide at tight end in the same formation as Bridges. Now if we could just get Vince Taylor to line up in the wildcat.

• Defensive end: Walker May is listed as a starter at defensive end over Johnell Thomas who’s started five games to May’s three.

• Strongside backer: Chase Garnham, who sat out Saturday’s game with injury, is listed as a co-starter with redshirt junior Al Owen, who started the first game of his career against Arkansas. Safety Karl Butler is listed as their backup.

• Safety: Javon Marshall, who’s started five games at free safety, is listed as the sole starter though Kenny Ladler’s started three games and has been listed as the co-starter in the past.

• Kicker: Carey Spear and Ryan Fowler are both listed as the No. 1 placekicker.


Another L-M VU Alum. said...

The stats for both teams are strikingly similar not to mention the fact that they have only lost to ranked teams. Considering the team mental aspects, and this is
not a concrete prediction but a sneaking suspicion:
The point spread is about 10...The home environment of Gainesville might not be such a factor in Florida's favor this time......The Vanderbilt team will look at this away game as a one-week "respite" from home-crowd expectations and frowns and actually "feed" off the hostility at Ben-Hill Griffin. They should be loose and well-prepared for this one. Dwight Galt and his staff will have the team mentally and physically prepared for the ensuing slug-fest. Although, there are obvious raw talent considerations I will put the will of Vanderbilt over the will of Florida on this one. The team choke factor and execution will be Florida's to overcome.
There are mental aspects.......4th and goal fumbles and dropped picks and of course, missed field goals are some of these........ever been behind the 8-Ball for some big Money????

Dimon K-H said...

Yes, I think when our guys get in another position to win the game - or put it away - they'll take advantage of it, regardless of the opponent or the stadium.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about your Pre-season 26-10 prediction?

Another L-M VU Alum said...

Well, over a hundred yards in penalties/? I guess we (Vanderbilt) played with too much attitude.

KS-'Dore said...


I hate to complain, but the lack of commentary this week, especially post-game, from the internet's best Vanderbilt football specific blog is disappointing. Please take this as the compliment it it is intended to be.

That being said, I hope your cyber absence this week is a result of having too many other good things on your plate, as opposed to any sort of negative happening.

Keep up the good work.

dimon k-h said...

Sorry, and I appreciate the note. I was in New York (yes, good things on my plate and nothing negative) but wasn't able to watch the game.

even more anonymous said...

I thought Vandy was the better team but Florida had the better scheme. For the first time today I though CJF and his staff got out-coached. Both Florida's offensive and defensive coordinators brought their units out ready to neutralize Vandy's strengths. The Commies made all the right adjustments at halftime, but by then they were already down 17-0. Still, they damn near pulled it out.

Another L-M VU alum said...

A week of breaking down film and mental and physical preparation and we will be seeing Vanderbilt playing one of their best games of the season right in Nashville against UK this weekend.

Clark said...

If it's true that Houston Nutt isn't returning, then I really hope we land I'Tavius Mathers out of Murphreesboro (Blackman). I have seen him live, and he is ridiculously good.

jayden said...

Another downside from the UF game: Ryan Seymour is out this week (maybe longer) with the knee injury he suffered just before half. Possible replacements include Chase White at LG or Bridges at LT and move Johnson over to G