Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vandy signs Paris Head, gains key ground at Buford HS

Maybe you’ve heard that Vandy just got its eighth verbal commitment, from defensive back Paris Head. This is a big deal because Head is a big, strong, fast kid who can play corner or safety or even wide receiver. You may have heard we need more receivers.

But it’s an even bigger deal because he’s from a major talent pipeline in the Atlanta area. Remember how we worried about losing Ted Cain, a pretty lousy offensive coordinator but a solid recruiter in the Atlanta area?

Well, Coach Franklin and his staff are taking it to the next level. Seven of their verbal commitments are from the Atlanta area, and the eighth is in Chattanooga, right on the Georgia line.

Paris Head is one of ten major college prospects graduating next spring from Buford High School. Nice place to get a foothold, huh?

The other schools – Tucker (4-star DE Josh Dawson and 4-star LB Jacob Sealand), North Atlanta (4-star DE/OLB Stephen Weatherly), North Cobb (3-star DE Tre Griffin), East Paulding (3-star DE Ladarius Banks) and especially Stephenson in Stone Mountain (4-star LB Darreon Herring) – all have multiple prospects this year and more on the way for the 2013 signing class.

Speaking of Stephenson High School, which is also the home of sophomore safety Kenny Ladler, that school has a whopping 21 major college prospects this season and at least six already on the radar for 2013.

While Tre Griffin is probably our lowest rated prospect at this point, he’s from North Cobb High School, which already has three prospects on the 2013 radar.

Walton High School, home of junior punter Richard Kent and redshirt freshman defensive end Kyle Woestmann, has at least three prospects as well. Camden County, home of junior tackle Ryan Seymour, and Collins Hill, home of senior defensive tackle T.J. Greenstone, also have some good looking prospects.

So getting Paris Head was a big deal, because it further plants the Vandy flag in Atlanta, where there are a ton of great prospects who’ve yet to commit – or who can be stolen on signing day.

In case you've been wondering, we plan to crank back up here at Moral Victory as we approach the start of football season. Some questions we'll answer:

• What's up with all the defensive ends we're signing?
• Where will our incoming freshmen, especially all those guys listed as athletes, "jumbo athletes" or at multiple positions, end up playing for us?
• How are we looking at quarterback after the not-very-surprising departure of Charlie Goro and all the rumors swirling about Austyn Carta-Samuels transferring from Wyoming?

Anything else you'd like to talk about?


Anonymous said...

thank goodness MV is back...don't ever leave me again


glad somebody noticed. what do you want us to write about?

Anonymous said...

Coach Gault and the workouts would interest me. It's my understanding that it is intense.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what you think the top 5 indicators will be going into the season that will ultimately determine our success...key performance stats. Then check back 3 or 4 times during the year to compare against actual numbers.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Dimon! What's your take on the size of next year's recruiting class? The quality of that class is shaping up to be potentially one of the best.

Anonymous said...

Give me your under-the-radar surprise players who will emerge in 2011.

Anonymous said...

MV - whats your take on all the chatter about 5-8 big time commits announcing they're all headed to VU? Sounds like it could go down Thurs-Fri according to ESPN. Big week for the dores babayyyy.