Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vanderbilt schedules a road game with Ohio State in 2013; now let's load up on some cupcakes!

Surely you’ve heard by now that Vandy has scheduled an away game with Ohio State in 2013. I immediately remembered James Franklin the day he was hired saying that the SEC schedule was plenty tough and that he planned to line up non-conference games that would (1) give us a win and (2) build our confidence.

But the Tennessean is reporting that David Williams had scheduled this game himself before Robbie Caldwell got the boot. So Franklin was probably talking about not scheduling any national powers because he knew he had to PLAY OHIO STATE IN FREAKING COLUMBUS.

Actually, I’m not too upset about it. If we’d dropped Elon on this year’s schedule and suddenly added the Buckeyes, I’d be plenty ticked. But this year’s schedule is just about perfect for us. We’ve got an FCS team in Elon, a mid-major in Army and two decent programs in rebuilding mode in UConn and Wake, and three of them at home.

Next season we’re probably looking at home games with Western Kentucky and Wake, a road game at Northwestern and let’s hope a cupcake to be named later.

We’ve got two years to prepare for Ohio State, which will be our season opener. It’s just the kind of game that can get kids fired up and might even help us recruit. Look, we’re not talking about the OSU game ruining our chances at a national championship. The year we went to the Music City Bowl, we lost to stinking Duke at home on homecoming. If we win the games we have a chance of winning then Ohio State isn’t going to derail our bowl hopes. By the way, our other non-conference games in 2013 are likely at Wake Forest and at home against Northwestern and Austin Peay (now we’re cooking with gas!).

Here’s a look at our rough draft non-conference and rotating conference schedules for the next five seasons. Keep in mind that every year we play Ole Miss and the five other East teams – South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Kentucky.

SEC: At Alabama, Arkansas
Other: Elon, UConn, Army, at Wake Forest

SEC: Alabama, at Auburn
Other: Western Kentucky (?), at Northwestern, Wake Forest, TBA

SEC: at Miss State, Auburn
Other: at Ohio State, Northwestern, Austin Peay, at Wake Forest

SEC: Miss State, at LSU
Other: at Northwestern, Wake Forest, TBA, TBA

SEC: at Arkansas, LSU
Other: Western Kentucky?, MTSU, Memphis?, TBA


even more anonymous said...

I don't think we should assume that the Commies can't win that game. CJF may well have them ready to make a statement.

Dimon said...

Maybe so. We'll have to wait two years to see, and it could very well be a big step for our program even if we don't win. In the meantime, I don't want to see many more of these games on our schedule. It's quite enough to have to play eight SEC teams a year.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... article talking about how franlkin designing plays specifically for barden...i like it.

grant ramsey coming on strong, but o-line depth is an issue...who are the legitimate contenders at o-line

franklin's comments definitely suggest goro is not in the running, but rodgers may have a chance once he comes back from shoulder injury.

by putting more db's on the field, i bet marve's #s further decline. he's an animal and a pro prospect, but i wouldn't be surprised if increased speed on defense again keeps him below 90 tackles.

just fishing for some more chatter...

Anonymous said...

would love to hear MV's take on the spring game and the dozens of recruits that were in town.

Anonymous said...

MV has to have a post after the spring game...has to

Greg M said...

I seee were some of the TN players on the 2012 ESPN Football watch list are considering Vandy. Go get them CJF!!!

russell said...

Do any Commodores have a chance to get a tryout with any type of pro team?

Anonymous said...

What's with the tight lip MV? Would love to read more posts.

Vandygal78 said...

Where is MV? Hope you are ok. Miss your posts.

Anonymous said...

O Brother, Wherefore Art Thou?

A Haiku.... said...

Moral victory
And Dimon's absence have left
A hole in my heart