Monday, March 29, 2010

Charlie Goro: The wild card in the Vandy quarterback race

Maybe you noticed this link that The Anonymous Goro Lover left in the comments of several recent MV! blog posts.

You know The Anonymous Goro Lover. He's the guy or maybe the gal who stops by frequently to praise redshirt freshman quarterback Charlie Goro.

I don't know where TAGL found this link, but whoever wrote it thought Goro was going to be the most exciting player in the SEC. Last season. Instead, Goro redshirted just like every other quarterback Bobby Johnson has ever signed.

Goro is intriguing. Since the day Goro committed to the Commodores, everybody's been talking about his leadership ability. Larry Smith has a bigger arm, but Goro's probably more accurate and has better touch on the short ball, in addition to being a better leader.

We think. Who knows? Remember that Larry and even Jared Funk were unanimous three-star prospects.

Here's what I hope: If Goro is the real deal and our quarterback of the future, I hope Bobby Johnson puts the ball in his hands and lets him run the team for four straight years. Remember two years ago when Larry was a redshirt freshman and played his first game in the regular season finale and then started the bowl game?

If Goro's not ready, well, Smith has two years of eligibility remaining and Jordan Rodgers has three to play two. It's certainly an interesting situation.


1050 lb. said...

I think we'd all like the second coming of Jay Cutler, whoever that might be. For that matter, I'd like to see the second coming of Earl Bennett in the receiving corps.

Dimon said...

And I'd like to see the second coming of Chris Williams on the offensive line.

Anonymous said...

Go Goro