Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vanderbilt battles rest of SEC for football talent

Yesterday we told you that Vanderbilt has made a bunch of offers to guys who are currently entertaining other offers, some would say better offers, from other SEC schools.

Here are some specific numbers:

According to scouts.com, Vanderbilt has now extended 79 offers to high school football players. Of these, two have verbally committed to the Commodores, six have committed to other SEC schools, six have committed to schools in other conferences, and 65 are still mulling their options and presumably being lured by the thought of wearing black and gold and hearing a foghorn after they make a big play (they do still play the foghorn at Dudley Field, don't they?)

Anyway, these 79 players have received a total of 74 offers from SEC schools. Which SEC schools have made offers to the same players Vanderbilt has? Glad you asked. Here's the breakdown:

Kentucky, 11 offers (1 verbal commitment)
Auburn, 10 (1 verbal)
Ole Miss, 10
Alabama, 8 (2 verbal)
Miss State, 7
South Carolina, 7
Tennessee, 6
Arkansas, 6
Georgia, 6 (1 verbal)
LSU, 3 (1 verbal)
Florida, 2

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