Monday, May 11, 2009

Gaston Miller enjoys "relaxing social scenes"

Another postcard from Gaston Miller. You know, he's the Vanderbilt running back sending regular dispatches from Greece, where he's spending the month studying abroad.

Gaston reports that he and his classmates (two males and 11 females) took a ferry to an island for the weekend, where Gaston apparently stayed on the beach while senior safety Joel Caldwell toured the island on an ATV.

Be careful, Joel, we need all the depth we can get in the secondary next season.

Anyway, Gaston enjoyed his time on the beach during the day. And at night, he notes, there were "relaxing social scenes."

Here's betting more football players are studying abroad next May.

At least it gives us something to blog about with spring practice over and more than three months until the season opener with Western Carolina.

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